Dubsmash History

Dubsmash History

Dubsmash History

Dubsmash History is a video messaging application for iOS and Android created by Jonas Drüppel.

Roland Grenke and Daniel Taschik.[1]Using the application, users can choose an audio recording or soundbite from movies, shows, music, and internet trends and record a video of themselves dubbing over that piece of audio.

The app allows users to lip sync over audio clips including sections of songs, movies, and famous quotes. Users can upload their own audio, and can add colour filters and text animation to their recordings. Users have to save their clips to their devices and can then send them via other messaging applications.


The app’s creators had previously made two other apps which were not as successful. Their last app prior to Dubsmash was called Starlize, which aimed to allow users to create music videos. Finding out that this app ejare aparteman moble was too complex for users, the creators decided to move on to shorter length videos with an emphasis on ease of use, creating Dubsmash.[1]


Within a week of the app’s launch on November 19, 2014, it had reached the number one position in Germany, later reaching the same position in over 29 other countries.[1] As of June 2015 it had been downloaded over 50 million times by hbvb in 192 countries.[2]

PC Magazine gave the app 3.5/5 in their review, describing it as a “nifty social novelty and a great potential comedic tool”, but criticising the low video quality.[4]