Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is on demand.

The biggest challenge in cyber security is that new risks and methods of attack arise literally all the time. How can you defend your system and information from brand new attacks that evolve overnight? 

So, it becomes a bit of a race. A security patch for every new vulnerability, evolving firewall technology, AI-driven anti-malware software! Due to the constant evolution of attacks and risks, cyber security simply can’t be a matter of set and forget. It requires constant maintenance, constant updating and growth. It sounds a little bit daunting, that’s for sure.

Overall, cyber security means you can’t just rely on Windows Defender to catch everything for you. It means controlling physical access to hardware and systems, not just network access. It’s understanding the nature of attacks, and implementing a security framework. Furthermore, it can come down to the smallest thing, such as remembering to lock your desktop when stepping away, or double-checking who the sensitive files are being sent to. As a result, cyber security falls into the hands of everyone within an organisation.

Protecting the Australian energy sector against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats is a matter of national importance – not only to ensure the integrity and reliability of electricity supply via the grid, but also for economic stability and national security purposes.

This new framework provides a foundation on which the sector can be consistently assessed and will provide the insight required to uplift the maturity of its cyber security capabilities, and ultimately strengthen its cyber resilience.

The Cyber Security Foundation+Practitioner exam is held in the classroom at the end of Day 5. The exam is 2 hours in duration and comprises two parts. in Part A there are 80 questions worth 1 mark each. In Part B there are 10 questions worth 2 marks each.  The pass mark is 65%.  There is only one correct answer to each question and no marks are deducted for incorrect answers.