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Start Online college today

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Now, more than ever before, anyone and everyone can study online and get online degrees. Online Education has become close at hand. Thanks to online colleges, you can gain the education you want no matter the limitations of money and time.

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Online colleges and online universities have made higher education accessible. Some online universities have made it even affordable.

So What are the best online colleges and universities of 2020?Start Online college today.

Independence University is part of the Center for Excellence in Higher Education—a family of nonprofit colleges and universities with educational roots dating back to 1891.

Today, Independence University specializes in personalized online education. The university is comprised of four schools: the School of Healthcare, the School of Business, the School of Technology, and the School of Graphic Arts.

So, you’ve decided to enroll in university online. Maybe you’re a new student, looking to save money by taking advantage of the affordable tuition and the savings of living at home during college. Or maybe you’re returning to school to complete your degree. Maybe it’s just time to go ahead and earn that master’s you’ve been thinking about. Regardless, you’re motivated and ready to go. So you probably don’t want to get stuck in a situation where, having made your decision, you have to wait several months before you can start school. That’s where this ranking comes in.

Traditional academic schedules allow you to start courses in the fall and spring. Some allow you to start in summer, but these are more rare. The schools in our ranking harness the flexibility of online delivery to provide many more start dates per year. For the purposes of our ranking, we required that in order to be included, schools had to provide students with at least four start-dates throughout the year. Turns out, even the schools with the fewest start-dates in our ranking provide at least six of them–on average one every two months (about the length of most online courses). Some schools provide as many as 12 start-dates. And with the increasing popularity of flex-courses, in many cases, there are a few courses for your degree that you can start at any moment. This ranking features the top ten schools you can start at any time.