Pregnancy test

Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy test is crucial.

Whether it comes as a surprise or you have spent months trying to conceive, taking a pregnancy test is a crucial step that can be very stressful for women. Whatever be the outcome, taking pregnancy test is one of the earliest measures you take to settle your doubts. However, knowing the right time or the day to take a this test goes one step further to clarify doubts. Here’s a brief explainer:

If you decide to do an early pregnancy test, be aware that some results may be misleading. Sometimes a result can show up as negative, when in actual fact you actually are pregnant! This is due to the fact the HCG levels differ from woman to woman, and the levels present aren’t enough to be detected, even if you are using the best early test! HCG levels rise rapidly during the early stages after conception, so taking an early pregnancy test on the day of your expected period will give you a 99% accurate result.

Depending on the type of test you go for, you can get your results early. Some home pregnancy tests are sensitive and can detect hCG levels as early as four days before your period date.

Something to be aware of is that the best early pregnancy tests are extremely sensitive, and if they are used in the wrong time-frame, they can provide a false positive result. This can be caused by a number of things, such as testing during your LH-peak. During this time, HCG can be released from your pituitary gland, causing a false positive.

A false negative can also be due to using a test that is not sensitive enough. If you are planning on doing an early pregnancy test, you need to use a more sensitive test and ensure you don’t dilute your urine too much by drinking a large amount of water beforehand. Too much urine can obscure the HCG reading to the point where it can end up being read as insignificant by even the best early pregnancy test. Not testing your urine immediately can also cause a false negative result. If you wait 30 minutes or more, the urine may become contaminated.