Personal Health Record

Personal Health Record

Personal Health Record is necessary.

Each year simple inaccessibility of medical records along with the interoperability of legacy health systems contributes to a significant problem in the form of medical errors. It is estimated that Medical errors kill nearly 102,000 people in the US and Canada every year. The Proper use and implementation of  digital medical records could reduce that error number by nearly 70 Percent!

Personal Health Records are clearly the right answer and Thai Medical Vacation is proud to offer our clients the unique capability of taking control of their own health records though our SSL encrypted online digital health record management system.

The Thai Medical Vacation Personal Health Record (PHR) is a valuable tool for our clients to properly gather, track and then share your health care condition with a doctor or family member. Our PCHR system can save you money and eliminate any medical errors or inconveniences of repeating the same medical tests. It’s important to also remember ultimately it is your responsiblity to know about and make decisions about your health. Our PCHR can help you accomplish this goal and track your health.

Important Parts of a Digital Personal Health Record:

-PCHR should always be able to be accessed online 24/7/365 worldwide

-Information on the PCHR should be Recent, reliable, accurate and 100% complete.

-Patient should always be able to decide how/when medical information is collected,accessed, and shared.

-PCHR are separate from your medical records from any particular provider.