making music video

Making music video

Making music video

Making music video A beginner’s guide to quick-and-dirty music video production.

If you’re like most DIY musicians, there’s probably not a whole lot of extra cash left in the band’s bank account after shelling out for recording, mixing, mastering, duplication, registering your copyrights, and distribution. But you still have to promote your new record, right?

AXS: The new video for “Modern World” was filmed in New Orleans featuring it’s lush landscape. Why was New Orleans chosen for this video and song? 

Future Elevators: We chose New Orleans as the location because of its diverse culture and due to it’s convenience for Chris Lawson (one of the two directors). Lawson was a Birmingham native when he and I met but has resided in NoLa for several years now making art, music videos for bands like O+S, and helping out the community doing charity work. His art is brilliant and you’re missing out if you don’t give this artist a closer look.

AXS: You guys went viral on Spotify in Canada and the UK. What was that feeling like? 

FE: . That was a very exciting and validating time for us. As difficult as it is in this industry to get any kind of recognition we were certainly grateful the stars aligned for that to happen.

AXS: Your debut album is already out…how was the production process for it? (i.e., recording, writing, themes, et al.)? 

FE: It was a lengthy process but as the main tracking producer/engineer for that album, Lynn Bridges, said “quality takes time.” A brilliant phrase by the mad scientist of record producers. It was a labor of love and I’d compare it to being a kid in a candy store. Actually, it was more like a father-to-be in a candy store with creative rights to experiment with making his own brand candy.  It was the first album I ever attempted to perform all the instruments on (something I’ve always wanted to do). Jeffrey Cain (Communicating Vessels label owner) is a saint for allowing me to be free with my expression and make that album and I’m immensely grateful that I even got that opportunity. When the song “It Is What It Is” was chosen for licensing in the Showtime series “Shameless” before the record even came out…we knew we were on the right path.