Health Records

Health Records

Health Records are necessary.

The Freedom of Information Act and the Health Records Act 2001 both provide the right to access an individual’s own health information held by Council and to amend such information if it is incorrect.
To request access to health information, contact us on 9747 7200.

What if I’m making the request on behalf of somebody else?

If you are seeking access on behalf of somebody else as their authorised representative, or if you are the legal representative of a deceased person, then you must make your request in writing and provide evidence of your authority to act on another person’s behalf.

Will I be charged a fee?

Council is able to charge a processing fee, in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, however, the fee may be waived in some circumstances. If you believe that you should not pay the fee, please include the reasons why with your application and a Council officer will assess the request.

Regardless of whether the My Health Records System remains opt-in or manages to navigate the current political attention to become an opt-out model, healthcare providers will be handling or accessing an increasing level of personal information and medical information through the system ‒ and that means more data to protect. With the significant interest in and scrutiny from the public and regulators, the consequences of a data breach become overwhelming. How healthcare providers can protect that data, reduce the risk of a reputational and regulatory firestorm, and comply with the various regimes which apply to them, will turn on exactly what they’re including in their data management plan.