Gas/Electricity Suppliers

Gas-Electricity Suppliers

Why else should you compare your electricity and gas?

Gas-Electricity Suppliers are a lot specially noways.

Why else should you compare your electricity and gas?To take advantage of a better plan – Your current energy plan may include discounts or lower rates but may revert to a more expensive type of plan when the contract ends.

To see if there’s a better price available – Your bill is made up of both a supply charge and usage charges – both of which vary from retailer to retailer. This gives you the flexibility to shop around for cheaper rates.

To review a range of plan discounts – A discount can be the path to a cheaper energy bill, but a short-term windfall may result in long-term pain if you don’t stick to the conditions of your contract (e.g. pay on time).

To benefit from a change, we recommend you compare often; perhaps once a year.

Despite the price cap being set to fall again, there are still dozens of deals you can switch to that cost even less. Compare gas and electricity quotes now to see how much you could save. Don’t be one of the estimated 15m households that pay too much for their energy bills.*