drug dealer arrested indonesia

Drug Dealer arrested Indonesia

Drug Dealer arrested Indonesia

Drug Dealer arrested Indonesia .

Police Narcotics Investigation Unit re-arrested one of the main drug dealer types of methamphetamine in the village of Gunung Sari subdistrict Mount Sahilan Kampar

Performers are secured by the police on Wednesday 26 November approximately 23.00 wib.ini is SH Alias ​​S (LK 42 TH) Village residents Gunung Sari subdistrict Mount Sahilan Kampar regency.

Disclosure of this case was the result of the investigation team Opsnal Kampar Police Narcotics Investigation Unit as well as information received from the public to the police.

Obtained information that the suspect’s house SH alias S in the region of the village of Gunung Sari, often used as a drug transaction types methamphetamine.
After ascertaining the existence of the next targets of raids carried out and managed to secure the suspect SH alias S when it was at home.

Then witnessed by the Chairman RW conducted a search at the suspect’s home and successfully found some evidence include two packages being and four small packages of methamphetamine concealed above the ceiling of his house.

It also seized other material evidence in the form of a fruit bong, a digital scale unit, two pieces of Pyrex glass and some other material evidence related to this case.

Kampar police chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Edy Sumardi Priadinata sik through visible Drug AKP Tapip Usman confirmed the incident to justify this, given that the defendant SH Tapip along with some of the evidence found related to the case officer has been secured in Kampar police station to undergo further legal process.
Added that the suspects would be charged under article 112 jo 114 of Law Number 35 Year 2009 on Narcotics with a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison.

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