Covid-19 Vaccine price

Covid-19 Vaccine price

Covid-19 Vaccine price revealed by Bill Gates.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has committed another $150 million to accelerate the manufacturing and delivery of up to 100 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines to low- and middle-income countries as early as the first half of 2021.

The funding was made via the foundation’s Strategic Investment Fund and structured as an interest-free, forgivable loan to Gavi, the Covid-19 Vaccine price Alliance, a public–private global health partnership founded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2000 with a mission to increase access to immunization in low-income countries.

Gavi will then provide the upfront capital to the Serum Institute of India ( SII ), the world’s largest vaccine maker, according to a joint announcement issued last Friday.

ennedy Jr., a prominent anti-vaccine advocate, said that Gates was trying to shape the narrative around vaccinations by pumping money into fact-checking websites to mislead the public. 

He said that social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest were using advice from the WHO and the CDC to say which online statements are misinformation or hoaxes and said that Bill Gates was responsible for this since he donates so much money to both organizations. 

Kennedy Jr. doubled down on claims that Bill Gates “owns” the WHO. He previously claimed that Gates provides 10% of the WHO’s funding and that the organizations “begs and rolls over” for Gates’s money. 

However, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest merely employed a strategy of curbing anti-vaccine propaganda that misleads parents concerned about vaccinations.