Video Surveillance Laws

Video Surveillance Laws

Video Surveillance Laws


Video Surveillance Laws Cameras at work and similar types of surveillance are generally legal.

If they are there for a legitimate business concern. However, there may be legal limits on the places where cameras can be placed, as well as notice requirements and limits on the extent to which surveillance can occur. Employees should pay close attention to applicable company policies, any employee handbook(s) that may address monitoring in their workplace, and also look into their specific state’s laws on the issue.

Legitimate Reasons and Methods for Workplace Video Surveillance

For the most part, each state’s own laws control the privacy issues surrounding cameras at work. As a general rule, however, an employer needs to have a legitimate business reason for conducting surveillance using cameras in workplace spaces. Still, in our everyday lives there are countless circumstances where we encounter cameras in workplaces (whether they be our own workplace or those of others) including in grocery stores.

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