Ladies can be a Hero

Ladies can be a Hero

Ladies can be a Hero


Ladies can be a Hero For as long as I can remember, I’ve relied on the inspirational company of heroes. When I was in grade school. I read every biography in a blue-book series of famous. figures in American history: Dr. King, Helen Keller, FDR, Harriet Tubman, and many more. All of their stories told. my soul I could change the world, a message that was. especially important for a kid in a broken. home craving a role model to emulate.

As I grew older, my role models evolved and meant more. to me in different ways. Keller was about. overcoming tremendous obstacles, King was about inspiring people. to change through words of love and non-violence, etc.

And yet, besides these figures, I had real-life heroes around me, and most of the time, they were women: Mrs. Mabry, my 8th grade English teacher, who saw something in me. and pushed me harder than I’d ever been pushed, not accepting anything. less than my best; my grandmother, who lavished me. with love but encouraged me to think outside. the box and always consider others; and Mrs. Wright, my high school history. teacher who impressed upon me to challenge. everything, even my own opinions, on a constant basis.

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